London Coffee Experience

The Coffee Festival in London was totally worth the visit! There was a great diversity of businesses – companies encompassing every area of a coffee business imaginable – importing, exporting, supplying, building, making. There were also bakeries, chocolatiers, confectioneries, lots and lots of tea. Thursday and Friday were industry days, but that doesn’t mean it was empty. In fact it was quite full on these days. When the festival opened for public on Saturday it became so tight inside you could hardly breathe. Even the barista finals didn’t make me stay inside. Watching it on stream is always better anyway.

London Coffee Festival

I want to congratulate Maxwell Colonna Dashwood who’s Barista Champion for the second time and Sebastian Stephenson, Brewers Cup Champion, both happen to be from Colonna and Small’s Specialty Coffee in Bath. See you in Rimini!

I used these two days to explore the London coffee scene, which is not an easy task especially in such a short time, but I managed to visit 8 coffee bars all of them known for their coffee and with all different concepts (some of which quite weird). I will share some photos with you in the next post!


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