Let’s talk about passion

I remember last year watching the videos from the Swiss Coffee Championships 2013. I was enthusiastically explaining to Karla and Snehaa and making them watch with me. I clearly remember when we were watching Nina Rimpl’s routine. She did extremely well in spite of all the complications during her stage time and I was stunned at how well she held her presentation till the very end.

 Nina’s setting for the competition

One year later, with more than 200 points difference from her previous result, she’s the new Swiss Barista Champion. That’s the outcome of a lot of hard work, dedication and passion. She’s got the gold, but also the big responsibility of representing Switzerland at the World Championships in Rimini this summer. A very important and complicated task involving also other people helping her with planning, sponsoring, or just supporting her mentally. Hopefully, there are even more people to be involved, as this is a big opportunity for promoting a higher quality coffee in Switzerland. Rising the overall standards of the coffee beverages served in the country and simply showing people what good coffee is, because it’s funny how many people drink coffee every day and don’t know anything about it. This is also a part of Nina’s mission as a barista champion – to raise the awareness for higher quality coffee, that’s why everything around her preparation for the World Championship will be made public. Every Tuesday after 5pm at Henauer Kaffee, where she works and practices, will be open for visitors who would have the opportunity to watch her routine. Of course coffee professionals will visit too and give their feedback, but I want to point out that everyone can participate in this process, everyone would be asked for feedback. The dialogue will officially start next Tuesday, 25th of March, 5pm  at Henauer Kaffee. Everyone is welcome! I’m going to follow Nina’s journey , you can do it too! Start by liking Nina’s facebook page here.


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