Grind matters…and other stuff

Some intensive coffee brewing lately? Oh, yes, very intensive indeed. You can call it training for the Aeropress Championship, but to be honest that’s my most enjoyable activity at the moment. Especially when I go to practice at Stoll Kaffee and Shem’s around checking up on me and giving me feedback. He’s like a living refractometer to me, he’s got such a palate. I hope I’m not abusing him too much, as I give him to try all my brews and ask questions. He’s helping me reach the most desirable extraction for each coffee I practice with. I learn what to do when and how, so I can get the desired result and the most important thing is that little by little I learn what a desired result is.

Meanwhile, I’m fed up with the coffee grinder I have. I’m using the Porlex Mini, but I started to get annoyed, because the grind is not very even. How is it possible to grind 20grams and after sifting to end up with 15? That’s ridiculous…I don’t like wasting coffee, especially good ones. The coffee fines not only leave sediment at the bottom, but they also tend to give unpleasant taste to the coffee. And since I found out myself how important the grind is when you want to get an even extraction I decided to set off on a hunt for a good manual coffee grinder. I’ll miss the weird glances I get from friends when I’m sifting my coffee though. As they say, I’m not normal anymore. I don’t know, they might be right. But the way the blog is going soon it’s going to be…uninteresting about the general public, because it’s getting too specialized. Oh well…I cannot help it.

Now back to grinding. As for electric grinders, today I got my hands on a Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder, the bigger one from the Bistro line. It’s a burr grinder so the beans should retain more of their aromas and flavors when ground. It seems very convenient for home use since it’s small the size of the grind also can be set. Unfortunately I cannot try it till tomorrow…


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