Maybe it’s time to buy an aeropress

You might know already that I’m interested in coffee extraction methods and I find fascinating the way how the same coffee can taste differently after a slight change in the brewing. All the flavors in the cup depend (till some point) on these variables. Be it grind, dosage, water, everything matters and I want to find out what affects what and how. I also would like to find out how roasting affects the taste of the coffee, I mean, on my own, but that’s too far-fetched for now.

After my first visit to Stoll Kaffee (you can read about it here), which wasn’t too long ago, my speed of learning doubled…no, tripled! That’s only because of Shem Leupin’s friendliness and my…lack of restraint? Let’s say thirst of knowledge, sounds better. And I know I can’t bake enough cookies to say thank you, but Shem, your kindness is deeply appreciated!

Now to the point – today I went to Stoll, Shem was practicing with aeropress – brewing, tasting, measuring, than he gave me to try and BAM! I’m going to take part in the Swiss Aeropress Championship next month! I didn’t see this coming either. I was planning to go to Basel to watch, but to take part…that’s crazy! I have to admit, I wasn’t that hard to persuade, but again it’s a bit crazy. There’s one month to go. I still have to register and all, I mean, it was this morning that I took the decision. It’s going to be fun! 


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