Mission objectives

I cannot believe how lucky I am to study here in Switzerland, let alone to be working in the gastronomy and be – even though with one foot – in the coffee industry. Having a blog is the perfect excuse to get everywhere and ask everything. It was just a few months back when it all started, but when I go through some of the first posts in the blog there are so many things that have changed. I keep learning and discovering more about coffee and it seems that the more I learn, the less I know. It’s not less of course, but this knowledge is overwhelming! And all these discoveries and skills I would like to acquire need dedication, perseverance and time. I would like to develop a coffee tasting palate, which seems quite the daunting task, but tasting is a lot like studying. It is such an elusive thing, how do you know that you’re tasting the right thing? I personally feel very dumb when I have to describe the taste of a particular coffee. It takes a lot of concentration to recognize all the flavors in a cup and then you have to know what exactly you’re tasting, to name it. That’s the reason I’m on a quest to taste as much as I can, so I can train my senses with the help of more knowledgeable people than me. 
Everything is happening really fast thanks to all these amazing people I’m encountering and some of them even befriending. It’s incredible how friendly and helpful everybody is, thank you! At this moment I really cannot imagine leaving Switzerland, which is why I’m a bit worried by the recent political events in the country, but first I’ll finish my studies and learn as much as I can and then think about that.
As I said the coffee industry in Switzerland is at a very young stage, it’s small so everybody knows each other and you can easily count the places where you can have a good coffee, let alone the roasteries. The problem is that the market is quite limited, it looks like the average consumer is still unaware of how diverse coffee can be and the number of people buying their beans out of the supermarket is still very small. This is slowly but surely changing and it will be interesting to see it in the upcoming years.
That’s for now, I’ll keep you posted about my progress and also there are some interesting posts coming up soon! Have a nice weekend!

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