Day 1, Swiss Coffee Championships

The first day of the Swiss Coffee Championships is over! I’m really thankful to Milo Kamil and Phillip Henauer, it’s absolutely their fault I’m a part of the staff for the event, thank you! They gave me the amazing opportunity to help for the smooth running of the competition, but also to get to meet the best baristi in Switzerland, who obviously have the guts to compete.

 I cannot put in words all the feelings and emotions I experienced today. It was exciting and exhausting! There was the Latte Art qualification round, (for which I, as a volunteer, had to take photos of the competitors’ designer lattes) and the qualification for Barista category. The finals for these two are tomorrow with the qualification round for Brewers Cup.

The finalists in Latte Art are Celine Huber, Milo Kamil, Tito Huber, André Gabriel and Pillip Gobat. They showed their absolutely amazing latte designs (sorry I don’t have any good pictures to upload) – very creative and complicated, with a lot of etching. But this was easy compared to what’s waiting for them tomorrow, and that is two identical espressi macchiato and two pairs of identical lattes and that only for eight minutes! No shaky hands tomorrow please!

The finalists in Barista category are Michel Aeschbacher, Nina Rimpl, Janine Landolt, Benjamin Hohlman, Michal Otte and Daniel Sanchez. If tomorrow the Latte Art category is tough, than the difficulty of this one is going to be insane. No kidding! All of these people deserve the first place! But I guess now everything comes to the type and number of mistakes you make on stage, the quality of the coffee is high anyway. I hope there won’t be any nervous breakdowns, because a lot of pressure.

More to come tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day, so I’ll try to sleep a bit.

p.s. This is a special shout out to a favorite of mine – Katinka Tappe, who didn’t manage to get to the Barista finals – Katinka, you did a marvelous job, I don’t know if you’re competing next year, but if you don’t – I’ll make you!


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