What makes your cup of coffee good?

Good morning! Just made myself a cup of coffee and I’m letting my mind wander, trying to understand what makes us say that coffee we drink is good. And you know what I’m talking about, coffee is brewed and drunk differently in all the different parts of the world, so what makes you call your cup of coffee good

Good is an adjective that tells us…nothing, actually. It has positive connotations, but is very ambiguous. It means different things to different people and depends on many factors, all of them concerning our own perception. The way I see it though is that the adjective good has two meanings for each one of us. What do you think is good and what the community considers as good. And the communal thinking is often shaping our own. I personally find it quite narrow, boring and…safe. 
I enjoy diving into new cultures, exploring new traditions, getting to know different mentalities and this helps me broaden my own view of the world. Since coffee has grown so much on me, wherever I go I like noticing these differences and trends in the way people prefer it. In Bulgaria, for example, it’s common when you sit in a café to order an espresso aside with a Coke, the coffee also goes hand in hand with a cigarette for many people here. There are quite a lot of cafès, but the places where the baristas do coffee with care and take pride in their work are…one or two so far. But I’m looking forward to discovering more of Bulgarian coffee culture. In the meantime I would like to hear what makes your cup of coffee good? Leave me a comment below 🙂 


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