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Good morning! Just made myself a cup of coffee and I’m letting my mind wander, trying to understand what makes us say that coffee we drink is good. And you know what I’m talking about, coffee is brewed and drunk differently in all the different parts of the world, so what makes you call your cup of coffee good

Good is an adjective that tells us…nothing, actually. It has positive connotations, but is very ambiguous. It means different things to different people and depends on many factors, all of them concerning our own perception. The way I see it though is that the adjective good has two meanings for each one of us. What do you think is good and what the community considers as good. And the communal thinking is often shaping our own. I personally find it quite narrow, boring and…safe. 
I enjoy diving into new cultures, exploring new traditions, getting to know different mentalities and this helps me broaden my own view of the world. Since coffee has grown so much on me, wherever I go I like noticing these differences and trends in the way people prefer it. In Bulgaria, for example, it’s common when you sit in a café to order an espresso aside with a Coke, the coffee also goes hand in hand with a cigarette for many people here. There are quite a lot of cafès, but the places where the baristas do coffee with care and take pride in their work are…one or two so far. But I’m looking forward to discovering more of Bulgarian coffee culture. In the meantime I would like to hear what makes your cup of coffee good? Leave me a comment below 🙂 


This is one of these posts that tells you what’s happening, since there are some temporary changes in the blog. We finished our studies for the moment, that’s why the trio is separated. For the next six months due to an internship every one of us is going to have, we will (hopefully) have posts from Jamaica and UAE. It will definitely be interesting, we’ll see how things will work out. By the beginning of August we will get together again to continue our coffee adventures.
As for me, I’m having a 6 month internship in Switzerland, but for the holidays I’m in Bulgaria and there will be some interesting posts assessing the coffee culture in here, which for the moment is still nowhere near Switzerland’s, let alone Australia’s culture. But we will see, who knows what I might find here.
Have amazing holidays and lots of coffee!
We’re talking about coffee cupping, I don’t know what are you thinking about. Yesterday we went to Zurich for a cupping session in the relatively new pop up coffee shop Bear Brothers & Cow. The cupping itself, even though it was public, it was rather intimate since we were just a couple of people.

 We tasted seven filter roasts – different varieties from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Costa Rica. Five of them were roasted in Berlin – one from Bonanza Coffee the others by The Barn Roastery. There was one from Stoll Kaffee in Zurich and one from the fairly famous Square Mile Coffee Roasters in based in London. For us, as absolute newbies in coffee cupping, it was hard to assess the coffees’ body, taste and flavour. While the their basic differences are easy to perceive, to recognize the finer nuances you need a great deal of experience. For the trained cupper every aspect of the coffee that is sampled matters – variety, processing method, taste, body, sweetness, acidity, flavour, aftertaste and the list continues. For us, well…I think we got the difference between the naturals and the washed ones. The naturals are more intense in flavour and don’t taste like common coffee. Actually, non of these coffees tasted like the grinded coffee you buy from the supermarket. That’s what I like about specialty coffee, it always surprises you with it’s aroma and taste.

And these are the brothers from Bear Brothers & Cow. Even though they’re not brothers, I just started calling them this way, which makes me wonder, who’s the cow then?

We had a great evening and I’m sure we’re going to continue participating in such wonderful coffee events as the public cupping in Bear Brothers & Cow. From next time we’ll also try to give you more detailed information about the coffee we’re tasting.

Another coffee place worth visiting while you are in Paris is Café Lomi. Located in Northern Paris (3b Rue Marcadet) this place is a true coffee sanctuary where every step of growing, harvesting, drying, roasting and finally brewing the beans is of great importance. The selection of green beans chosen by Lomi changes overtime with the quantity and quality of harvest , but they always offer a wide range of freshly roasted beans from award winning plantations like the Bello Horizonte from El Salvador, winner of the most prestigious award given to premium coffees, Cup of Excellence. 

The interior is very cool as well, it’s like a warehouse converted to a café and if you ask us it’s a big success. Also at the back there are the coffee offices with the coffee equipment where they organise the coffee workshops. A wide range of courses is offered for the coffee professional and the coffee lover – roasting, cupping, extraction and more. Lomi also offers fresh juices, pastry and some light decisions for lunch.

The lovely Magda poured three wonderful cappuccinos for us! Look at these beauties!

And here there are Tom, Magda and Pauline, part of the amazing staff of Lomi. Thank you for the delicious coffee, we will come again!
Hello, hello! As you may have guessed already, this past week we were away. We were for some time in Paris and stopped by Maison Ladurée on Champs Elysées to have lunch and coffee of course accompanied by something sweet. Here are some of the photos we would like to share with you. 

The shop looked very tempting, but we wanted something solid for lunch. It was only 12 o’clock and people were already starting to queue to get in.

We had a wonderful lunch, but let’s skip to the essential part. Karla and Snehaa had filter coffee with some interesting desert decisions – ice cream filled macarons and a chocolate tart. I had a very tasty Blue Mountain espresso with a kouign-amann

I don’t need to point out we were a little stuffed after the whole thing, but we had a very good time.