JURA World of Coffee

Yesterday we made a little trip to the headquarters of Jura – a Swiss company developer and distributor of home appliances, famous for its full automatic espresso machines, headquartered in Niederbuchsiten, Solothurn, Switzerland. The reason behind our “inspection” was the “JURAworld of Coffee” visitor’s center opened in 2006. The home of coffee, as it’s called, is a wonderful (entrance free)  exhibition that takes you from the discovery of the coffee plant to its world domination. 
The corridor leading to the exposition is made to resemble a time passage beginning with some of Jura’s latest models of espresso machines to some of the first ones since the beginning of the company in 1931 by Leo Henzirohs. To make you “feel” the time changing there’s even a big round clock at the end of the hall running backwards.

Then we dived into the history of the legendary drink, starting from the legend for the Ethiopian shepherd Kaldi, then we moved to the Middle East with the curious European merchants.

 We stopped for a bit on Mauritius, after all, that’s where one of our authors is from 🙂

In the “Colonial shop”

And of course, because we couldn’t keep ourselves from buying something in the shop, we left with a bottle of Irish cream and some caramel scented sugar. Then we stopped for a while in the cafè to have a latte macchiato each. What I liked there was that with the type of drink you could choose the blend you want.


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