Kooka Boora Cafè, Paris

We’re again in Paris, this time for the wonderful Kooka Boora or for short – KB shop. This cafè is our number one favourite in the city, so listen closely – it’s located on 62 rue des Martyrs, you’ll recognise it from the bright blue chairs of the few tables outside and this is if the weather is merciful. It seems like it doesn’t attract much attention, but believe me, it was packed and not only with tourists, but also locals who were mostly working on their laptops (apparently, the wifi is good too). 

 The interior of the cafè reminds me somehow of a warehouse or a workshop, but neat and cozy. The atmosphere is lively and happy, the baristi are even more happy and I guess we were the happiest! I got to talk to one of the baristi – Tim – too bad we don’t have a picture of him here, and he pulled to shots of espresso for me to taste – one was single origin the other was a blend. Ahh, it’s a little hard to recall now, next time I’ll take more detailed notes! Anyway, he told me that they don’t roast the coffee anymore, but work side to side with La Brûlerie du Belleville – a relatively new coffee roaster in Paris. You can quench your thirst with a freshly squeezed juice or in case you’re feeling hungry there                                                                      are fresh sandwiches and pastry all made on site.



 We had two cappuccinos and a latte all for 11€. They were sweet and creamy and delicious without unpleasant aftertaste. Oh, and the machine is La Marzocco FB/80. And yes, we also had some quality time together, discussing the purpose of life, hahah 🙂


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