Coutume Cafè, Paris

Today we take you to an award-winning specialty coffee bar, that I’m sure you’re going to remember.This is Coutume Cafè on 47 Rue de Babylone, Paris. The concept is just genius – when we entered there was a moment of confusion, but we soon became familiar with the place and discovered with surprise, that we were actually in a chemistry lab with chairs and tables, and most importantly – coffee.

The beans are being roasted every week on sight in the back of the cafè and even the labels on the packages are made as if they are chemical elements, cool right? A wide range of high quality coffee beans is offered and alternative brewing methods are being introduced such as the syphon.

The espresso was with thick crema and a very intense aroma and flavour, the cappuccinos were amazing as well. When we have the opportunity we will definitely visit Coutume Cafè again! I think you should consider having a coffee there too even if you’re not so much of a coffee drinker, because it’s an interesting and different experience.

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