Maison Goût, Lucerne

And here we go with the first Coffee Trip post. I present you Maison Goût, a lovely cupcake cafè  in the heart of Lucerne, Switzerland. It’s located on Morgartenstrasse 7 – a five minute walk from the main train station.

I think it’s really sweet with these cushions and little tables outside.There’s also a bell  hanged on the door, which when it rings adds to the atmosphere of the place. Inside the design is kept simple, almost everything is white. There are also other home items being sold in the cafè like coffee tins and mugs. 

The espresso is 4,50chf, smooth and balanced with a very rich crema, the used beans are Amici. As a matter of fact, that’s one of our favourite places when it comes to espresso. There is also a variety of  freshly baked cupcakes. A regular size for 4,50chf  and a mini for 2,50chf. We enjoyed three Red Velvet mini cupcakes, mmm delicious! If you are more of a tea person there’s a wonderful selection of  Dammann Frères Premium Teas each for 4,80chf, it’s a French themed cafè after all. 

We definitely had a good time in Maison Goût and we’re sure to visit it again. If you ever find yourself in Lucerne make sure to pay a visit to this wonderful cupcake cafè.


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