Welcome to our room

Hey, hi! Come in, come in! Don’t be shy 🙂

Very nice to meet you! We are three young ladies, with three very different backgrounds gathered around one idea – starting a coffee business together. Welcome to our cozy little attic room, do you want a cup of hot coffee? We just brewed a cafetière of a chocolaty Arabica from Veracruz, Mexico or if you like a cup of some earthy Sumatra? I’ll brew it, don’t worry, you can get yourself comfortable. If you’re still unsure of the topic of the blog, read again. Yes, it’s coffee. But this is not “another coffee blog”, this is our tiny room where dreams are born, engaging ideas are discussed and deep conversations held. And because we are still students, who can’t do much for our passion towards coffee at the moment, we dream and plan. You will witness our interests evolving until one day when we actually start our own business!

Snuggle up with a cup of coffee and enjoy!


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